The first part of this X-Men Apocalypse review is going to be spoiler free. Don’t worry, I will warn you multiple times when the spoilers are coming. You can watch and listen to the review in the video above or read it down below.

I was very excited for this movie. First class was very good in my opinion, and while Days of the Future Past is not as good, it was still a pretty solid movie and it was really cool to see the original cast together with the new guys. Fast forward to 2016, X-Men Apocalypse is one of my most anticipated movies of this year. And it utterly disappointing.

I don’t even know where to start but the entire movie felt rushed, with a lot of questionable acting by the cast. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender still did a good job as Professor X and Magneto. Quicksilver and Cyclops was the only other characters that I could stomach. Everybody else was lame and just put in a really poor performance.

Jennifer Lawrence Mystique X-Men Apocalypse

Let’s start with Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. I’ve never liked JLaw, I think she’s overrated, and I never liked the idea of turning Mystique into a main character. JLaw does a poor job as Mystique and the writing for her is weak as well. It just felt forced and JLaw looked totally disinterested to play the character. She was basically blue Katniss. And that is boring as fuck.

Extremely poor performance, and while I’m not surprised, it’s a shame that the viewers would have to put up with so much screen time since she’s a main character in the movies. They tried so hard to make Mystique into this inspiring character and it just falls flat. Completely. Bad job writing and acting. Everyone gets the blame here for Mystique.

What I really enjoyed from the previous two movies, especially First Class, is the dynamic between Prof X and Magneto. I felt they fed off of each other extremely well and their chemistry is great. Too bad that there is so little of that here in X-Men Apocalypse. And that’s a problem I had with the movie overall, it seemed they needed to fit in too much with having enough time to do it.

Oscar Isaacs Apocalypse X-Men Apocalypse

Which then had the effect of not having any of the new characters fleshed out well enough. The new guys just felt like tacked on and not well developed. Making an appearance for the first time in this movie is Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Angel, Psylocke, Storm and of course Apocalypse. None of those characters were written well and none of them was given enough time to really develop. Just felt half baked and forced throughout and seems like a half-ass attempt to have a huge roster of superheroes more than anything else. But I did enjoy Nightcrawler a little. He had some moments but that’s about it.

Which is a shame because Apocalypse is such a cool character to bring to a live action film and it just wasn’t developed or written well. And this is the main villain. There was just too much that needed to fit in with not enough time. So the movie overall is a let down for me. While it’s still a solid movie, and if you’ve watched the first two there is no reason not to watch this one, just don’t have your hopes up.


So, we’ve reached to the part of the review where there will be spoilers. You have been warned.




Ok, why the fuck did the movie have so many scenes of Apocalypse building shit or playing with buildings? Why? Is this Sim City The Movie? Apocalypse and Magneto playing Legos? That was just bloody dumb, totally unnecessary and very lame.

Oh and did I mention I really hate Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique? Her speech at the end in the training room was just cringe worthy. She didn’t even bother trying. Such a shitty performance. She is by far the worst part of this movie.

But that Quicksilver scene was so bloody amazing. He’s a really cool character and I think he was acted well. Would have loved to see him admit to Magneto that he is his son just to see a father son dynamic between them. But of course they didn’t put that in.

So many characters and so little time. I know I’ve mentioned this earlier but they just did a poor job of developing the characters. Jean Grey turning into the Phoenix at the end was anti-climactic and so predictable. Thing is, they didn’t make Apocalypse seem like much of a threat. All he did was move sand around to build shit. He didn’t seem intimidating at all and while I like his overall costume design, they should have made him tower over the other characters. I think that would have helped with portraying as a more menacing character.

The best part by far is definitely Magneto. He’s been such a tragic character throughout the three movies and when his wife and daughter was killed, it brought chills to my spine because I knew what was going to come next. He’s definitely the best thing about this movie. If only there were more scenes of him with Charles, it would have at least made it more palatable.

Lastly, that end credit scene. Yes there is an end credit scene but I think I wasted 5 minutes of my life waiting for it. It just shows a bunch of suits walking into the military facility to take Weapon X’s blood to be placed into a brief case with the word Essex Corp on it. Yes yes, it’s cool that Mr Sinister might make an appearance but that scene was a let down like the rest of the movie.

Oh, and that Hugh Jackman cameo, another pile of donkey shit they just shoved down our throats. And yet, it managed to be better than Batman V Superman although that’s not that hard to do.


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