So, you guys must have heard, No Man’s Sky was delayed. And guess what, people were not happy. So unhappy in fact, they went and send death threats to the developers, Hello Games. Founder Sean Murray even tweeted about it:

And as usual, game journalists and other game developers have come out to denounce these actions directed at Hello Games. But I think we’re not thinking straight. It’s easy to just denounce these death threats, but if you really sit and think about it, game developers and the games industry needs these type of reactions.

I will tell you why with this well written and totally factually accurate article.


It Gives Them Motivation to Work Harder

It really does. Can you imagine having the thought of someone wanting to kill you and your entire family at the back of your mind? That would fire me right the fuck up. Heck, it might even get me to start jogging or some shit (who are we kidding? I’ll let that fucker kill me before I ever move my ass).

And what do we get when game developers are motivated to create and work the best that they can? We get the best games. And what do developers get? Well, they get lots and lots of money. So it’s a win win situation isn’t it? So why are people getting up into arms about this? Everyone get’s to win in the end.

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Game Devs Owe Gamers.

Let’s admit something right here, it’s a privilege to make games. It’s the best job in the world, you have adoring fans that love you, you can make tons and tons of money and you get to create a piece of art in the best medium in the world.

I think a lot of them don’t realise this but, game developers owe a lot to gamers. We are the ones that allow you to make a living and feed your family, we are the ones that defend your games in the high quality forums like GameFAQs, we do your marketing for you. There’s just so much that game developers owe to their fans.

So it’s our right and privilege to send them death threats if we feel they’re losing their grip a little on the games we love.

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Shows That Gamers Care

Gamers are a very passionate group. They spend lots of money every year on buying video games and spend even more time playing them. They want to feel a part of the development process and to show their support for their favourite developers.

Death threats are their way of showing their extreme passion for this medium and it should be celebrated. Why wouldn’t a developer be happy about having a fanbase that is as passionate if not MORE passionate than the developers themselves. I know I would be ecstatic to get these motivational tweets every time I wake up in the morning to drive me to be the best I can for people that love me.


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It Has Been Proven to Work

Yes it really has. Although I couldn’t find any real world examples, I’m sure you can find something if you really tried to look for a success story that came out of death threats being sent the developers way. I’m sure of it. Very super sure. Totally.

This is obviously satire (I know you don’t announce an article is satire at the end but this is a serious enough of an issue for me to say this). Please don’t go around sending death threats to game developers, game journalists and anyone else for that matter. If you’re one of those that does this, you’re a fucking twat.

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