So Overwatch has landed. After all the hype, the animated shorts, and all the betas, it’s finally here. And as you may have guessed, reviews are starting to pour in with a lot of publications giving it a perfect 10/10 (or whatever number range websites use). Among the notable websites that gave it a perfect score is Game Informer, The Escapist and Destructoid.

I’m not reviewing Overwatch (because I didn’t buy it) but I’m going to butt in with a say on the matter, Overwatch does NOT deserve a perfect review score. And I’m going to tell you why in my well researched and factually accurate article.

Overwatch Zarya

No Perfect Game

That’s right, Overwatch should not get a perfect score because there is not perfect game. Well, I think Undertale is pretty close to perfect so I would give Undertale a perfect score. And Overwatch is certainly not even close to Undertale.

How can you give a multiplayer PvP only game a perfect score? You need story! We all know that story is the only thing that matters in a video game. The mechanics are just there to support the story that’s being told and letting the player become the catalyst to move the story along. But there’s no story in Overwatch is there? So no, on that basis alone it doesn’t deserve a perfect score, but wait, there’s more.

Overwatch Tracer

Graphics not realistic enough

Yes, I know I wrote in my previous article that Overwatch has better graphics and is way more realistic looking that Battleborn. But that is when you compare it to Battleborn. But when you compare it to visual masterpieces like Call of Duty, Battlefield, The Division and heck even post-E3 Watch Dogs, Overwatch doesn’t even come close.

I’m very afraid of this gaming trend of making everything vibrant and colorful. Our world is a bleak one and our video games’ visuals should reflect that. And going for realistic aesthetics is just plain better, there’s no arguing that. Who are the developers kidding? It’s obvious that they’re going with this art style because they’re afraid of trying to push the boundaries visually unlike Call of Duty. They’re just playing it safe and we shouldn’t reward that.

Overwatch Hanzo

Not free to play AND has microtransactions

Many predictions of Overwatch’s price point before it released was that it’s going to be a free to play title to compete with the masses of free to play games out there. Then Blizzard pulled the rug from under everybody when they announced that it was not going to be free to play, but the base game will be sold at $40, a whole $20 cheaper than the normal AAA price.

But I think that should have stayed with the free to play model. Why? Because it’s just a multiplayer PvP game with not much else to offer. Blizzard fanboys have argued that this will maintain the quality of the game and its playerbase, but does it really?

You know what’s the kicker? It still has microtransactions. Yeah yeah, you’ll say, “but it’s only cosmetic yo. It won’t affect gameplay yo.” Blizzard is just a company like the rest of them, and are driven by greed. You should NEVER EVER put microtransactions in a full priced game. But because it’s Blizzard, no one bats an eye.

Overwatch Reaper

Overwatch is universally loved. I need to give an opposing opinion.

Overwatch is too good of a game. It was hyped up so much and seems to have met that hype in every way. So since Overwatch is universally loved, I think it’s my duty to have an opposing opinion just for the sake of it. In fact, if I was able to submit my review scores to Metacritic, I would have brought down the score just to even it out all the praises.

If a game is too universally loved, developers will get arrogant, they’ll get greedy. I believe that we need critics that can give low scores to universally loved games. This is to ensure the health of the video games industry as the greedier and the more arrogant developers get, it can spell doom for the industry.

So there you have. Five reasons why Overwatch shouldn’t be given a perfect score. And it’s all of the benefit of gamers and the gaming industry in general. I’m feeling really good about myself right about now, and you’re welcome.

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  • BobBently

    It’s a fail. Best indicator is look at eBay, if a brand new game starts selling for $20 less than store price w/in 7 days of release. It’s being dumped fast, a sure sign of failure. I’m pretty sure you can buy this game at 1/2 price already. Only appealing to little kids.

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