Battleborn released early this month and Overwatch is set to drop in the next couple of days. I just do not understand how people are forking $60 for Battleborn when Overwatch is a much more superior product for only $40?!

I can’t even begin to fathom the reasoning to compare Battleborn and Overwatch. They’re on such a different playing field with Overwatch being so much better that Gearbox should have scrapped their project long before and just cut their losses then and there.

And the ones that support Battleborn will obviously use the “it’s not even the same, how can you compare them?!” excuse. Both are Hero FPSes, I mean yeah Battleborn has loot, MOBA elements, PvE, a single player campaign mode and a co-op campaign mode but those are not enough of a difference to NOT compare them.

So Overwatch is just obviously better than Battleborn, and I will tell you why with this highly factual and well thought out piece.

Battleborn metacritic

Battleborn is only averaging a measly 7/10 on Metacritic

We all know that Metacritic is the go to source for what’s good and bad in the gaming industry. Their main purpose is to educate consumers into making the best purchasing decision so we know with a guarantee that they are the most trusted source on the Internet.

Getting a 7/10 is basically a 1/10. Like why is there even a 7 and below? Anything that can’t get an 8 out of 10 is pretty much unplayable and should be buried with ET for the NES. I would even hesitate to recommend games that only manage to score an 8/10, but a 7? Well that’s fucking easy to NOT recommend.

Tracer's butt

More realistic graphics

Seriously, look at that. Look at Tracer’s butt. While I get that Overwatch is not realistic per se, but compared to Battleborn, it’s like comparing your stupid shitty drawing that mummy put up on the refrigerator to Picasso.

It’s obvious, realistic graphics just means better. Why do you think Call of Duty sells so many copies each and every time a new one comes out no matter how shit the story or gameplay is? It’s because it has more realistic graphics compared to everyone else and in the Hero FPS genre, that crown is currently being held by Overwatch. So there is no doubt Overwatch is better because of this reason.

And, because butts.

Overwatch logo

It has a cooler name

Overwatch, come on, say it with me. Overwatch. It’s unique. Fresh. But Battleborn? Meh, it sounds like every generic shooter video game ever made. I can’t even say it properly sometimes, I keep saying Bloodborne instead. Why do developers feel the need to have generic words like Battle in their game titles? This, in my opinion, will be the ultimate downfall of Battleborn, it’s uninspiring name and confusion with the title Bloodborne (which is a much superior game even though I didn’t play it. It’s just obvious).

It will be the whole “Is the Wii U an add on for the Wii” debacle all over again. I can see it happening, trust me.

Dota 2

It’s a shitty DotA 2 / League of Legends clone

This is the 2nd biggest reason I would say after it’s crappy name, that Overwatch is better than Battleborn hands down. Overwatch is totally unique, it’s never been done before (lots have said it’s the same as Team Fortress 2, but I really can’t see it.) while Battleborn is just a shameless clone of DotA 2 and League of Legends.

Gearbox saw the millions of dollars these games are raking in and wanted some of that pie. It was solely a money grabbing move and they produced a much more inferior product compared to the two MOBA giants.

And there you have it folks, I gave you my top 4 reasons why Overwatch is better than Battleborn. I’ve clearly done my research and there is no doubt that everything I’ve said here is true. I’m writing this is to put an end in comparing Battleborn to Overwatch. Why compare such an inferior product to what will become a worldwide selling hit that might change the gaming landscape as we know it.

Do you compare your own kids to a patch of gangrene on the sidewalk? You don’t do you? So stop comparing Battleborn’s gangrene to Overwatch’s….kids? Pretty sure I had something going there.

Anyways, Battleborn fans, just come on over to Overwatch. We will welcome you with open arms. Here, I’ll even include the link for you lazy ass shits Battleborn sucks, buy Overwatch.


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